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Personality Enhancement Club (PEC)
MOIMT PEC believes that a person will be able to understand other persons and situations only if he or she understands self.  PEC emphasizes on reclaiming SELF for better empowerment. With the psychological insight, the participants are infused with various skills to play their roles in life in the most efficient manner.
Through various programs PEC intends to improve communication skills, Public Speaking skills, Presentation Skills, GD skills, Debating Skills, Interview Skills, Reading and Writing Skills, Business etiquettes, Organizational Skills so as to build confidence to move ahead in the world full of multifaceted challenges.
Cultural Club
MOIMT attaches utmost importance in organizing cultural activities so to stimulate the students to comprehend and radiate their hidden genius in various fields of culture such as music, painting, debate, recitation, literature, linguistics, inter and intra college fest and so on by involving them in various activities and bringing them under one umbrella. Performers can thus have expressions of their creativity through teamwork. Throughout the year, there are many interesting programs for students.
Each event helps to contribute to their personal and intellectual growth, promotes an artistic and cultural atmosphere within the college campus and encourages interaction between teachers and students. This club emphasizes and integrates the cultural diversity that exists on campus. All students are part of this club.
Corporate Interface Club
The Corporate Interface club is a student initiative which acts as a bridge between industries and the institute.
Our focus is to assist its members- the next generation managers to learn to make strategic decisions and groom them by giving industry exposure where they can practically apply the concepts they learn @ MOIMT. The Institute organizes a lecture series wherein eminent persons are invited to speak on topics of current public interest. Various seminars and conferences are organized to further facilitate accomplishment of the purpose. Besides, students are encouraged to take up live research projects and to participate in various national/international seminars and conferences that are held in the NCR
Knowledge Enrichment Club
The Knowledge Enrichment Club functions with the objective of making the students aware about the environment, current issues and corporate affairs. Through various activities like role plays, news paper analysis, GD, Debate and quiz on corporate as well as current affairs enhances their general knowledge as well as instills competitive spirit among the students.  
The various activities of the club increases the caliber and brings out their full potential by involving every one in all the activities thereby preparing themselves to enhance communication skills, overcome stage fear, get more knowledge of the market, to explore hidden talents of the students and to display creativity among the students.
Economy Forum
Economy Forum is established with the aim to professionally develop students by imparting knowledge on gamut of topics ranging from accounting, corporate finance, Investment Banking, Risk Management and Investment Management through various fun filled activities. Apart from the study and practice of accounting and finance, the club also provides opportunities for self-development, service and association among members and practicing professionals, and encourages a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility. Through various activities like investment workshops, interview workshops, corporate speaker presentation, the club also prepares its members for careers in the business world by giving them insights on the scope & opportunities available in the field of finance along with the kind of preparations required to achieve the same.
Information Technology Club
In the rapidly evolving world, it is very crucial that we stay abreast of the Changes occurring in the global environment.  The objective of the club is to foster high degree of awareness amongst the students about different facets of IT world as well as the opportunities available in the fastest growing and the highest revenue generating sector in India, "Information Technology [IT] ".  
It’s a student’s driven club where the students organize various activities which include talks by eminent speakers from the IT world, seminars on emerging IT trends, events and online quizzes for upgrading IT awareness among students. By bring across the spectrum of the facets of IT industry, the club aims at developing an ongoing interaction with the IT industry and at developing managers well versed with IT concepts
Sports and Games Club
It is rightly said that “Health is Wealth.” So to keep our students hale and hearty as well to promote student’s interest in games and sports, the Sport and Games Club at MOIMT regularly organizes sports meet and different matches as well as tournaments. The Campus has facilities for indoor and outdoor sports-TT, carom, volleyball, cricket, and football etc. The club also promotes and cultivates the practice of yoga. Through various indoor and outdoor activities, the club instills discipline, camaraderie's values like sporting spirit, trust, enhances decision making skills and sharpens thinking process of the students. The Club aims at channel sing mental and physical energies in a positive manner thus builds self esteem and confidence improves body postures and lends a grace to the body thus enhancing self esteem.
Library and Journal Committee
With the aim to alleviate some of the pressure of staying on top research in the field of library, MOIMT proposed to have Library and Journal Committee who constantly participate in the planning, resourcing and functions in the direction of growth of the Library so as to increase the accessibility of information related to various sectors of education. The committee collectively manages the functions of library that includes reviewing of journals, editorials, competitive magazines apart from the course books and CDs. Members are encouraged to provide input on any aspect of the service to students and faculties.
Marketing Horizon Club
Marketing horizon Club provides students with a platform to hone their marketing skills by helping them to understand the field of marketing and to gain a broader, realistic, more practically oriented exposure to marketing activities. These experiences enhance and augment the material being presented in the classroom. The Marketing Club strives to improve each member's marketability in today's highly competitive job market through exposure to various leading companies related to retail/services, high-tech, automotive, entertainment, and advertising to name the few. The club is a great opportunity for students to exchange marketing experience and ideas, as well as to meet people with similar interests.
Social Service Club
MOIMT has instigated Social Service Club with the aim to promote social work knowledge, values and skills among its members and the surrounding community.  The organization dedicates itself to working in various social systems to ensure that the target population’s basic human needs are being met.
Students of MOIMT recognize their social responsibility and are eager to contribute towards the betterment of the society. Service Club is a voluntary student body that tries to make a difference to society. It undertakes a host of social initiatives, which include conducting fund raising activities, visiting orphanages, giving special coaching to under privileged school students, sponsoring the education of economically weak students etc.
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