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Maa Omwati Global Sr.Sec.School
Quality Education

Quality is our way of life. Quality pervades all our activities and involves everyone.

Education quality has received a great deal of attention in recent years. We are committed to provide quality management education, bearing in mind expressed and implied needs of the students, society and industry. According to MOGCS, a child’s participation in school and the amount that he or she learns is dependent on several factors such as familial influences, education, occupation and income. Other household and school-related factors are also important.

Some tangible our school-related factors which have a positive impact on quality:

  • Class size
  • Separate learning spaces for each class
  • Child-centered teaching-learning practices
  • Use of classroom relevant teaching-learning materials
  • Continuous assessment of students understanding
  • Teacher knowledge
  • Regular evaluation of teaching-learning practices
  • Continuous professional development for the teacher
  • Time devoted to teaching by teachers
  • School meals
  • Health programmes, such as de-worming
  • Availability of clean drinking water
  • Separate toilets for girls

As part of its mandate, MOGCS has conceptualized a holistic, gender-sensitive Quality Education Package for implementation in school. The QEP Project involves a multi-pronged approach, involving strategies for the facilitation of across-the-board improvements in the entire curricular package, including teaching-learning materials, classroom transactions, teacher training, assessment and examinations.
This supports the improvement of quality in our school through interventions in four key areas:

  1. In-service teacher training and support to improve active learning, continuous, supportive student assessment and rational class management.
  2. Development and supply of essential teaching-learning materials.
  3. Promotion of community participation.
  4. Improvement of school environment and facilities.

The hallmark of the quality education is its focus on the widest possible school canvas and emphasis on delivery of solutions in an integrated fashion.

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