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Dr. A.K. Singh
Ph.D, M.A. in Economics, PGDBM
Dr. Neelam Chauhan
Ph.D, M.Ed., B.Ed., M.A. in Math’s 
& Hindi, STET
Dr. Yojana Shrivastava
Ph.D,M.Phil., M.Ed.,M.A. in English, Economics & Education, N.T.T., PGDHE
Dr. Monika Goel
Ph.D, M.Phil., MCA, B.Ed., ADSE
Dr. Hemant Sharma
Ph.D, M.A. in Pol. Science
Dr. Mamta Devi
Ph.D., M.A. in Pol. Science& English,M.Ed., HTET, UPTET, UGC-NET
Dr. Suresh Chand
Ph.D, MBA, B.Ed.
Dr. Harish Rawat
Ph.D,M.A. in History & Hindi,
B.Ed., Prabhakar
Dr. Sangeeta Rani
Ph.D., M.P.Ed., UGC-NET
Dr. Rekha Sharma
Ph.D, MBA, B.Ed.
Dr. Satbir Singh Sorrot
Ph.D, M.A. in Hindi, B.Ed.
Mr. Sudhira Kumar Mantry
M.Phil., M.A. in Education, B.Ed., DCA, DECCE
Mr. Subhash Chand
MBA, M.Phil., B.Ed.
Dr. Shraddha Srivastava
Ph.D, M.A. in English
Mr. Bajrang Singh
M.Phil., M.P.Ed., D.P.Ed.
Mr. Akeel Ahmed
Mr. Nandeshwar
M.Phil.,MBA,M.Com., B.Ed.
Mr. Manveer Singh
M.Phil., M.Ed., M.A. in Sanskrit, UGC-NET
  Mrs. Preeti
M.A. in Math’s, M.Ed.
Mr. Jagat Singh
M.Phil., M.P.Ed., HTET
  Mrs. Mamta Singh
M.A. in Economics, B.Ed.
Mrs. Seema Khanna
M.Ed., M.Com., HTET, UPTET
  Ms. Sangeeta
Mrs. Lata Singh
M.A. in Drawing Painting, B.Ed.,
One Year Diploma in Art & Craft, NTT
  Mr. Vishnu Visan Swami
M.com, B Ed.
  Mrs. Ritu Mangla
  Mrs. Sunita Sharma
MCA, M.Sc.in Computer Science,
M.Tech., B.Ed.
  Mr. Rameshwar
MCA, M.Sc.in Computer Science,
  Mr. Narender
MCA, B.Ed.
  Mr. Shiv Kumar
  Mr. Manoj Kumar
M.Tech., MBA
  Ms. Rachna
B. Tech.
  Ms. Savita Chauhan
M.Sc. in Chemistry, B.Ed.
  Mr. Lalit Mohan Sharma
M.Sc. in Chemistry, B.Ed.
  Ms. Bhagwati Upadhyay
M.Sc. in Physics, B.Ed., GATE, CTET, HTET (TGT & PGT)
  Ms. Vinny Banga
M.Sc. in Statistics
  Mr. Ajeet
MA (maths), B.Ed.
  Mr. Chanderpal
M.Sc. Maths, B.Ed.
  Ms. Sapna Garg
  Neha Goyal
  Ms. Priya Tanwar
M.Sc. Maths
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