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Maa Omwati Degree College
Quality Education
The word quality comes from the Latin word qualitas (property, quality, value, characteristic, feature, ability). In a highly competitive world with increasing consumer demands, quality has become the key factor of survival in the market, of profitability and development, not just for individual sectors and organizations, but also for the whole country's economy. Education quality is a dynamic, multi-dimensional concept that refers not only to the educational model, but also to the institutional mission and its goals, as well as to the specific standards of the system, facility, program or event

The pedagogical theory and practice has been trying to determine what the quality of education is. In education it is only possible to determine the quality by comparing the results with the given goal, or by comparing it with previously established standards.

Any human activity is identified by the quality of its product. The same rule applies to education. The quality of education is therefore responsible for the quality of its "product": students. Various forms of education are present in different places, at various times, under different circumstances and terms, intentional and unintentional, organized and unorganized, with or without a program.

One of the key problems is the unification of standards and quality evaluation criteria. The key components of the evaluation process are the methodological approach in applying good methods and procedures of data collection, and the definition of key concepts and their relations with the concept of quality. The fundamental precondition for quality improvement is the establishment of an active system of internal and external evaluation. Internal evaluation implies a significant role of the judgment of students as active participants in the process of quality evaluation in education. Education quality is to be understood as the most important asset for strengthening market competitiveness, and thus as the accelerator of the total economic growth and development.
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